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Kung Fu and Health

Ho Ngau

Exercising is vital to blood circulation and general well-being. Inactivity on the other hand, may result in listlessness and poor health. There is a large variety of exercises and sports. For simplicity, Chinese Kung Fu martial art is outstanding in this respect.

Good health and self-defense go hand in hand with Kung Fu and its practice. In exercising, it needs neither a partner nor special installation, and can take place anywhere. Despite the many varying styles and systems, Kung Fu is never divorced from its principle aim; that is good health and self-defense.

My only preference has always been for Choy Lee Fut style as established by Chan Heung. Practicing is divided into internal and external methods. The items to exercise include footwork, boxing forms, weapons, sparring, wooden dummy techniques stage of stance=footwork and boxing form are as follows: (1) Ng Lun Ma (five wheel stances), (2) Ng Lun Tsui (five wheel punches). The five wheel stances consist of the basic practical footwork of the style. The stances are further distinguished by the low and high stance.

Firstly, there is the See Ping Ma (square stance). And the footwork demands that the stance be maintained in the correct posture when advancing, retreating or turning to the left or right. The others are Tiu Ma (tip-toe stance), Chin See Ma (clinging stance), Lok Kwai Ma (kneeling stance) and Tu Tan Ma (pushing-plucking stance).

The threshold to the boxing forms is in achieving thoroughness in footwork. The Ng Lun Tsui are Kwa Tsui (reverse punch), So Tsui (sweeping punch), Charp Tsui (straight punch), Cheong Ngan Tsui (eye-aiming punch) and Lui Yum Tsui (groin-aiming punch). All these when combined with Ng Lun Ma is very effective in coordinating movements.

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