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Ng Lun Ma (Five Wheel Stance)

Prior to starting on the boxing forms, one must first practice the stance and footwork. The stance is distinguished by the low and high stance. Beginners should practice the low stance as it is broad and enables the power being extended to the lower limbs. But too low the stance would hinder movement. The high stance is narrow but highly mobile and favors fighting. If efficiency is not achieved with the low stance before practicing the high stance, the practitioner would find his footwork unsteady and floundering.

The first stance technique is the NG Lun Ma. Ng Lun Ma includes the high and low stance, and footwork is divided into Tai Chi, Leung Yee (two-pattern: i.e. ying and yang concepts), Salm Choy (three genius, i.e. sky, earth & man), Sze Cheung (four phenomenon) and Pak Kwa (eight diagram). The rotating application of the stances resembles a rotating wheel in advancing, retreating, turning to the left or right, evasive, elusive and graceful. The stances include the See Ping Ma (square stance), Chin See Ma (clinging stance), Lok Kwai Ma (kneeling stance), Tiu Tan Ma (pushing-plucking stance), Ge Ng Ma (sideway stance), Tiu Tai Ma (tip-top stance), Gwy Ma (entrapping stance), etc. Footwork, when combined with stance give rise to much variations and sophisticated actions. The mastery of footwork and stance is of paramount importance to the mastery of Kung Fu.

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