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The Understanding of Choy Lee Fut

Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu is a science that is broad in scope, profound in meaning, and entails infinite variations. The major characteristic is the system's many moods of action – quiet and static as a mountain range; elusive and mobile as a fleeing rabbit. The action is both natural and free. The principle fighting technique is slip-attacking (Low-Da). It means that under all circumstances, the Choy Lee Fut (CLF) way of fighting does not emphasize force to contend with a force.

In CLF, there exists the keywords, "The stance charges forward precedes the hands in fighting, fighting movement is to attack; to attack is a fighting movement." This refers to CLF's distinction from most other styles of Kung Fu as CLF does not stress one certain movement to counter a particular attack. This free and natural expression of fighting has method and purpose on it.

Though CLF has no fixed set of movement to attack an enemy, its own unique techniques are most apparent when being applied. Every technique has its own feature and potential, and there is very close relationship between each technique in fashioning a fighting movement. The perfect co-ordination of fighting movement would find it hard to pinpoint its beginning, end or changes in it. Of course this cycle of action implies all important requisites of CLF namely power, stance, posture, back, hand and footwork techniques.

The many boxing forms of CLF do convey to the casual observers that the system has a definite pattern in advance, retreat, attack and defense, but this is only a method of drilling and a way to acquaint the practitioners with the foot works and various body postures. This is, in short, the very foundation of preparing for a real situation.

The CLF way of fighting employs a strategy of chain relentless attack. This feature is incorporated in the boxing forms as each form comprises some aspects of its drilling. And to cope with the many possible situations when one may be confronted with an attack, CLF has many boxing forms to cater for fighting under all possible situations. But the hand techniques are within the confine of COM (a seizing, capturing action), NA (to grab), KWA (a back fist punching action), SO (sweeping action), CHARP (stabbing-like punching action), POW (a up-lifting action), CUP (downward-sweeping), BIL (a thrusting action), DING (a pressing action) and JONG (a crashing action. These ten techniques are to be found even in the most basic form. From the elementary to more complicated, simple to sophisticated, every stage of learning and practicing is for the end result of achieving thoroughness and mastery of the ten techniques. These ten techniques can be said as the "seeds" of Choy Lee Fut.

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